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Comedy Central Live

Der deutschsprachige Ableger des US-amerikanischen Comedy Central ist bei Jugendlichen sehr beliebt und bietet Erstaunen für das ganze Publikum. Durch die Sitcoms aus den USA wird jeder verzaubert und kommt mit unvergesslicher Unterhaltung nach Hause.

Comedy Central's most popular programmes:

  • Popular comedy acts like Badesalz, Mundstuhl, or NightWash
  • Hamburg’s Schmidt Theater Presents the Schmidt Comedy Show
  • Deutsche Comedy-Sendungen like Ladykracher, Was guckst du?!, Pastewka and Genial Daneben
  • Popular US sitcoms such as Arrested Development, Chaos City, and It's always sunny in Philadelphia.
  • The sitcom classics like Golden Girls, Frasier and Seinfeld
  • British sitcoms such as Little Britain, The IT Crowd and Extras.
  • Comedies like The Daily Show
  • The show South Park

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Comedy Central airs many of the programs on its sister network, including the popular series The Sarah Silverman Show, The Jeff Dunham Show and docu-soaps such as The Girls of The Playboy Mansion (original title: "The Girls next door") as well as numerous sitcoms and animated series including Family Guy, Futurama and South Park.

The story of Comedy Central

When it launched stateside, Comedy Central found its greatest success with sitcom South Park. When Viacom attempted to repeat the US network's success abroad during 2004, they replaced unsuccessful music channel Viva Plus with a German language version of Comedy Central. However, owner Viacom had over-estimated the demand for a 24 hour comedy service and soon discovered that partners Nickelodeon already offered one: NICKComedy received expanded programming while ComedyCentral was reduced to show reruns on their schedule.

Comedy Central is accessible through satellite and some digital cable networks, and airs daily starting at 8 PM. The network shows off-network episodes of popular American sitcoms like Arrested Development as well as a large number of repeats. Most reruns on Comedy Central are German comedians, such as Pastewka and Anke Engelkes Ladykracher, but British programming like The IT Crowd and Little Britain can be seen there too; many Japanese shows including Takeshis Castle air prominently on Comedy Central as well.

Ein spezifisches Problem in Deutschland ist die Tatsache, dass selbst Stand Up Comedys aus den USA synchronisiert werden bei Aussendungen verwendet, anstatt mit Untertitelung ausgestrahlt zu werden. Das heißt: häufig geht ein großer Teil des Humors verloren.